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Menstrual Cup | OrganiCup


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This menstrual cup is a more practical, more sustainable and a healthier alternative comparing to pads and tampons. Easily emptied in the morning and evening, during a shower or in the toilet, it means freedom during night and day. Comfortable to wear and confidently secured by a light vacuum. Once inserted properly there is no risk of leaking. Great for summer activities, for playing sports or just practical on the go. Fits in a small purse or a backpack pocket.

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Genuine, eco-minded and healthy products for a better lifestyle

Arunny is guided by the concepts of sustainability, innovation, creativeness and uniqueness. We believe that by promoting positive change, and making valuable contributions to our community, we already make the difference. Partnening is for us a huge part of this path.

We look for sustainable partnerships. We look for products that feel genuine and real, that are made out of Nature, by real people. We look for products that are the result of the effort to reduce the negative footprint left by evolution. We look for products that are, in a sustainable way, created to make us feel better. We look for products that spread our values and partners that share them with us.

As long as we consume, we will always leave a footprint. Arunny’s concept is not about eliminating that trail, but rather to drive people towards a friendlier path, side by side with nature. Plastic, overconsumption and non-biodegradable materials have a huge negative impact on the environment and on the quality of life of thousands of people. We might not see that, but the butterfly effect is real and our actions count!
We have the vision to change the consumer mindset! Join our community and help us change the world to a better place!

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* Made of 100% medical-grade silicone – it doesn’t mess with your body’s natural environment
* Eliminates irritation and dryness and keeps the right pH-balance (differently from pads and tampos, which absorb necessary vaginal secretions, OrganiCup on collects)
* Reusable for 10 years
* Certified by AllergyCertified and suitable for sensitive mucous membranes.


* Before use make sure to disinfect OrganiCup by boiling it for approx. 3 min. Repeat after each period.
* Fold & insert: fold your OrganiCup before inserting it. There are different folding techniques (see http://www.organicup.eu/folding). Insert the cup as far up as possible and let the cup unfold.
* To ensure the cup is perfectly unfolded and secured by a light vacuum try to pinch the bottom and twist it a bit. When the cup is unfolded correctly you shouldn’t be able to feel it and you will not risk any leak.
* You can leave the cup for up to 12 hours if you have a normal flow
* To empty OrganiCup grab the stem and pull it gently until you can get a grip around the bottom of the cup. Then you squeeze the bottom to release the vacuum, and you can take the cup out gently. By using your abdominals, you can help getting it out even more easy. Empty in the toilet and clean with a cleansing wipe, toilet paper or rinse under water before you insert it again.

**** Please be aware that if you are a first-time OrganiGirl it may take a month or two or even three to get used to the OrganiCup. But once you get confident with it you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier. 90% of users continue to use OrganiCup and recommend it to others ****

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Kraft Paper Box *^. *Biodegradable/Compostable, ^Recyclable.

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  1. Dani

    After trying another menstrual cups for a while, and still making some effort to keep trying until I felt comfortable, I decided to try OrganiCup and have been loving it so far. Comfortable to wear, easy to insert and to take out and leak proof. I normally handle the process in the shower and it became so easy for me…For sports, for the beach or to swim, it’s much more comfortable than the common tampons. Good buy sensibility! I totally advise!

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