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Strunfin is your wise friend,
With round ears and big eyes,
He will pay attention to you,
Because a magic elfin he is,
And with a big hug he’ll surprise you!

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Elf Strunfin was made with so much love,

that if you take well care of him, you will have a friend for life!

Sonhos e aventuras [Dreams & Adventures], this collection of hand-knit toys, was carefully developed with the ultimate goal of providing safe toys to babies, toddlers and older children.
Besides some cases (well identified), every yarn is natural, sustainable and, whenever possible, organic and local (Portuguese). All colors come from natural pigments and any possible scent is a mix of 100% pure essencial oils. Accessories are hand stitched to ensure the utmost safety when the toy is played with. The labels, also hand cut and stitched, are made with Portuguese cork textile.
Hand-knit in Portugal, by the hands of a talented artisan, every product is unique. You might find some similar models, but every one of them has its own distinctive characteristics.

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Wash Care Guidelines

For better care, place your stuffed friend in a delicate garment bag, when machine washing it. Give preference to a delicate program at 30 degrees Celsius and choose a gentle detergent. It is best advised to let it air dry. However, you may toss it in the dryer on low heat just to ensure it dries completely.


100% cotton yarn, hypoallergenic polyester filling, cork textile label


35 cm

1 review for Strunfin

  1. Vitorino

    Comprei um boneco idêntico ao meu afilhado, que é uma criança especial e ele adorou. O modelo que escolhi era diferente…ele põe chapéu, tira chapéu e os outros adereços e continua a ter interesse por ele porque é maleável. Adora abraça-lo! Brinca muito com ele. Parece que estabeleceu uma relação com o brinquedo, o que me deixa satisfeito porque o miúdo está feliz e porque não gosto de fazer ofertas sem sentido. O bom disto é que já foi lavado porque ele o leva para todo lado e mantêm-se em muito bom estado.
    Dinheiro bem gasto!!

    • Dani

      Olá Vitorino, é óptimo saber que o seu afilhado gosta tanto do seu novo amiguinho, e que o Vitorino está satisfeito com a sua escolha! Vá espreitando as novidades, estamos sempre a adicionar modelos diferentes, todos em unidades quase singulares! 🙂

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