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With sweet almond and vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil, this blend is specially formulated for massages to enhance perineum skin’s flexibility, protecting against tears and cuts during childbirth.

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Genuine, eco-minded and healthy products for babies and mamas 😉

As parents to become, we – João and Daniela – started getting a whole bunch of comments on how it would be impossible to keep a low waste lifestyle with a baby. Well, we believe that we have the power to create our own rules. We believe in a better future for our children. We believe in a better world for them. We believe we can create it! We also believe that change starts inside one’s home, and that’s how Arunny reflects our highest values.

In today’s fast-driven world, families are tired and overworked. Above all, they become overwhelmed by the whole responsibility of caring for their children, of respecting animals, of contributing to a more balanced society and of guaranteeing a less impactful environmental print. Each choice has an impact and today’s parents know it.

Parents need convenient and easy solutions. We know we do. But we also know we can have them without leaving a permanent footprint on our planet. With the Eco Baby Eco Mama category, we intend to make it easier for parents to find better solutions for them and for their babies. Each product is selected having in mind its social and ecological impact but always focused on providing the best comfort to both baby and mama.

As long as we consume, we will always leave a footprint. Arunny’s concept is not about eliminating that trail, but rather to drive people towards a friendlier path, side by side with nature. Plastic, overconsumption and non-biodegradable materials have a huge negative impact on the environment and on the quality of life of thousands of people. We might not see that, but the butterfly effect is real and our actions count!
We have the vision to change the consumer mindset! Join our community and help us change the world to a better place!

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50 ml


* Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colorants.
* No raw materials derived from mineral oil.
* Certified natural by NATRUE.
* Dermatologically tested.
* Glass bottle.

Suggested use

This oil can be applied by yourself or with a partner.
* Massage 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes, from the 34th week of pregnancy.
* A good time is after a relaxing bath or warm shower because blood vessels in the area are dilated and this makes the perineum softer and more comfortable to touch.
* It’s a good idea to empty your bowel and bladder before starting and wash your hands.
* Find a quiet, relaxing place and sit or lean back in a comfortable position. Some women lie on their side. Use cushions to support your legs.
* Moisten the thumb (or index finger if your partner is massaging) with Perineum Massage Oil and glide gently over the tissues, ensuring the massage is painless.
* Insert the finger into the vagina to around the second finger joint. Massage rhythmically with a light touch on the vaginal wall in a rotating movement, like the hand of a clock moving back and forth from 3 to 9.
* With each massage, the tissues and muscles will feel more relaxed and softer, so that the length of the massage can be increased.
* Massage the perineum until a light tingling can be felt, then massage the tissue between the vagina and anus gently between the thumb and middle fingers.
* After massage excess oil can be removed by washing in warm water.
** If you have any concerns about perineal massage, please consult your midwife or doctor **


Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Fragrance*, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citronellol*, Geraniol*, Citral*, Eugenol*
* from natural essential oils

What is the perineum?

The perineum is the small area of firm skin and muscular tissue between the vagina and the anus. The perineum plays a significant role in women’s health. This muscular tissue connects with pelvic floor muscles, offering support to the pelvic organs. It works extra hard in pregnancy due to the extra weight it bears. Tearing of the perineum during childbirth can weaken this support, making later pelvic floor problems or prolapse of the uterus more likely.

Why perineal massage?

During pregnancy the hormones progesterone and relaxin are released by your body, naturally softening and relaxing connective tissues such as ligaments to encourage stretching, including in the pelvic area.
Perineal massage is a technique that, by encouraging blood flow to the area, helps increase the elasticity of the perineum for birth, supporting the body with its natural processes.
Massage also increases the perineum’s capacity to stretch more easily and less painfully during birth. Regular perineal massage has been shown to improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce perineal trauma.

Benefits of perineal massage

* Easing pain during the birth crowning
* Avoid focusing on fear during birth
* Avoiding tearing
* Reducing the likelihood of an episiotomy
* Reducing pain 3 months after birth

When to start?

* This practice can start at any time during pregnancy, but ab active perineal massage should start from around 34 weeks.
* It's advised to start with a few minutes at a time, then build up to doing it for ten minutes, three to four times a week.
* It can also help tone the muscles after birth, so it's advised to gently start massaging as soon as you feel comfortable, once any stitches or tears have healed.

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