Organic Sunscreen | SPF25


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This sunscreen is free of toxic and nano elements. All natural, with only four ingredients, it does not hurt your health nor the environment. With a wide spectrum, it’s effective in protecting your skin from UVA and UVB radiation. Great for all skin types and ages. Plastic-free!

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Genuine, eco-minded and healthy products for a better lifestyle

Arunny is guided by the concepts of sustainability, innovation, creativeness and uniqueness. We believe that by promoting positive change, and making valuable contributions to our community, we already make the difference. Partnening is for us a huge part of this path.

We look for sustainable partnerships. We look for products that feel genuine and real, that are made out of Nature, by real people. We look for products that are the result of the effort to reduce the negative footprint left by evolution. We look for products that are, in a sustainable way, created to make us feel better. We look for products that spread our values and partners that share them with us.

As long as we consume, we will always leave a footprint. Arunny’s concept is not about eliminating that trail, but rather to drive people towards a friendlier path, side by side with nature. Plastic, overconsumption and non-biodegradable materials have a huge negative impact on the environment and on the quality of life of thousands of people. We might not see that, but the butterfly effect is real and our actions count!
We have the vision to change the consumer mindset! Join our community and help us change the world to a better place!

Additional information

Weight 127 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm

* Suitable for all skin types, of all ages. People with sensitive skin find it to be soothing, while it also works great for people with oily skin – zinc oxide is naturally astringent and so will help to dry out any excess oils.

* For daily use, try to apply your moisturizer first, giving it time to be absorbed and then apply your sunscreen. This will help to counteract the drying effect of zinc oxide.

* If it’s cold and quite firm, rub it vigorously with warm fingertips to make it softer, or scoop some out of the tin and warm it between your hands, then apply at least 15min before exposure to the sun, and then reapply regularly, particularly after exposure to water or after sweating.

* For an adult, you will need approximately a teaspoon for the face, and a full shot glass for the body. Please be aware that putting an inadequate amount of sunscreen on effectively square-roots the SPF! So an SPF50 is rendered an SPF7, SPF25 is rendered an SPF5


* Free of parabens, alcohol, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, phthalates, artificial perfumes, petrochemicals, colorants.

* Non-toxic
* Non-nano
* 100% natural
* Safe for all skin types
* Effective – tested to EU standards
* Not tested on animals

SPF 25

* SPF25 means that the protection is 96% – that also means that 4% of rays are still reaching the skin. The '25' means that you are approximately protected fro 25 times the length of time it would normally take you to burn, under the same environmental conditions, without any protection whatsoever.

* Unlike many chemical sunscreens, this sunscreen does not contain burn inhibitors which switch off the burning sensation. If you feel you are beginning burn, it's your body's warning to you that you have been exposed for too long, and the sensible approach is to cover up by wearing clothing or move out of the sun altogether. Applying more sunscreen only ensures you are still covered for the original 25x timeframe – it does not extend the amount of time you can stay in the sun – those 4% of rays are still doing their damage. It's important that you listen to your body and its signals – the danger of sunscreens that contain burn inhibitors is that the damage is still being done, but you just can't feel it – a bit like taking painkillers that mask the pain – ignoring the body's messages that there is a problem does not resolve the problem.


* 36% Shea Butter – 100% natural, Soil Association certified organic unrefined, known to be exceptionally good for your skin.

* 36% Coconut Oil – natural, versatile, with natural (although low) SPF, Soil Association certified organic unrefined

* 100% pure and unrefined Beeswax – non-toxic, locks in moisture, has excellent water-repellent properties and is a naturally nourishing moisturizer as well as being an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic and a germicidal antioxidant.

* 18% uncoated Zinc-Oxide – offers the safest, broadest-spectrum sun protection possible, non-nano, has a cooling, slightly astringent, antiseptic, antibacterial and protective action on the skin.


* Aluminium tin
* Paper label


* 100 ml


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