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Did you know that most detergents have a huge impact on the environment as well as our health? There are long-lasting consequences caused by their persistence in the environment, their toxicity to aquatic organisms and algae, the eutrophication action and contamination of fresh and groundwater.
These two products reflect our selection for effectively and eco-friendly clean every surface. You can choose between a winter fresh or warm fresh scent.
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Genuine, eco-minded and healthy products for a better lifestyle

Arunny is guided by the concepts of sustainability, innovation, creativeness and uniqueness. We believe that by promoting positive change, and making valuable contributions to our community, we already make the difference. Partnening is for us a huge part of this path.

We look for sustainable partnerships. We look for products that feel genuine and real, that are made out of Nature, by real people. We look for products that are the result of the effort to reduce the negative footprint left by evolution. We look for products that are, in a sustainable way, created to make us feel better. We look for products that spread our values and partners that share them with us.

As long as we consume, we will always leave a footprint. Arunny’s concept is not about eliminating that trail, but rather to drive people towards a friendlier path, side by side with nature. Plastic, overconsumption and non-biodegradable materials have a huge negative impact on the environment and on the quality of life of thousands of people. We might not see that, but the butterfly effect is real and our actions count!
We have the vision to change the consumer mindset! Join our community and help us change the world to a better place!

Additional information

Specifications | Mulieres

* 99,97% natural ingredients
* No parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes
* Based on olive oil with excellent cleaning qualities
* 1 product for all: suitable for floors, manual dishwashing, bathrooms and toilets, ovens and grills, windows, kitchen work surfaces…
* 1 L = 25 spray bottles of multi cleaner (reference from the brand)
* Scented with natural essential oils
* Suitable for all fabrics (including wool and silk)
* 100% Vegan
* Certified by ECOCERT Greenlife

Specifications | Seepje

* 80% soapnuts extracts
* 20% of other natural ingredients are added to improve cleaning power, and to provide a delightful fragrance
* Extraction from shells is made through a boil and filtration process
* No parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes
* 1,15 L = 19 cleaning buckets (reference from the brand)


* Suitable for cleaning various water-tolerant surfaces like worktops, bathrooms, toilets, floors, walls, windows…
For Mulieres multi-cleaner: use one cap (= 40 ml) for every 5 L of water. For a more concentrated formula, use one cap per 0,5 L of water (best for bathroom and toilet). Use a spray bottle and a reusable cloth. For very dirty surfaces mix with baking soda into a cleaning paste.
For Seepje multi-cleaner: use two caps for every 5 L of water. For persistent stains use the undiluted product and wipe the surface clean with a moist reusable cloth.


Mulieres: >30% water, 5-15% soap*, <5% perfumes (mix of natural essential oils (Citral, Linalool, Limonene), citric acid, lavender extract*, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.
Seepje: Non-ionic surfactant 5-15%, soap <5%, perfume, limonene, linalool, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate.
*10,26% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.


Mulieres: external layer from recycled cardboard and internal impermeable bag requiring 70% less plastic than regular packaging. Biodegradable.
Seepje: recycled HDPE plastic from Holland.


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