Baby Teether and Snap | natural silicone & wood


When teeth are breaking out, babies needs stimuli and comfort.

These pieces offer two different soothing texture for sore gums and doubles as a cute toy for your baby to chew on. Let him safely play with his teether, encouraging coordination and autonomy. The snap is a very practical item, that can be used to safely hold the baby pacifier or his favorite toy.

These specifically acts as sensorial items, as they’re soft and warm to touch, catch your baby’s eyes with round and pure shapes, and tickle his tiny noses with the smell of wood.

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This category was created to extend from our already existing selection of sensorial toys. In the process of seeing our baby grow and develop, we decided to add other amazing toys, mostly made from wood or other sustainable materials. We are also adding books, that we believe help developing conscious kids. Our approach is towards heuristic and open-concept toys that foster kids imagination.

When we respect kids’ organic and individual growth, while giving them the right tools to self-develop, we are nurturing the right concepts, hence creating the foundation for conscious adults.

Arunny’s vision is to change the consumer mindset, and we believe that we can start from the seed – our children!

Additional information


* Natural Untreated Unsealed Beech Wood ring
* Easy to grab thank to the size and round form of the ring
* Food grade silicone
* Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium
* Ideal for babies who are teething and going through the 'everything-straight-in-the-mouth' phase.
* Perfect size, for tiny hands! The ring hole evokes a natural desire to grab and hold
* Elegant and durable
* Designed to relieve baby's aching gums but also serves as a beautiful toy that can be played with for many years
* With rounded edges that are sanded and smoothed to naturally soothe sore and delicate gums, your baby will be relieved without any nasty chemicals needed.

Care Guidelines

* Wipe-clean only; do not sterilize or submerge in water
* Direct cleaning of the wood with water can cause cracking, so it is best to wipe it with a damp cloth. It is also best to dry after the baby has bitten. You can also apply olive oil to protect it. Regularly check for signs of wear and dispose of the toys immediately if any damage is found


100% food grade silicone and natural wood


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