You don’t need to travel to be a tourist!

I have been writing about taking advantage of our opportunities, living up to what is available to us, exploring our surroundings, complaining less and living more…and often I get some feedback such as “yes, I know, but my life…”; “I am sure it would be great, but I have kids, [or] I have no money, [or] I have no time…”;”you say that because you can travel…”. And it is really hard for me to continue any kind of conversation after hearing these arguments because I don’t have those people’s lives. I don’t know what they go through. And who am I to give advice? On the other hand, as an outsider, I still see so much potential and so many opportunities they are just not seeing….they keep complaining because they don’t open their eyes to see it differently.

In my post where I say that traveling is transformative for me, I mention that what we intend to achieve is not an experience, but rather a feeling. So it does not matter where you are. If your attitude is open and welcoming to whatever there is to explore, you will still have that transformative feeling (even if in a smaller scale). Traveling is not about paradisiacal landscapes with light blue water and white sand. Rather it is about finding excitement wherever you are. Last week Monday I also challenged you to explore your own city! Maybe you will have the best time of your life in the place you’ve lived for years.

Traveling is about feeling excitement wherever you are

If you don’t feel you can afford a weekend out, a sleep over, a big car ride around the region, or even a week of from work for a more extended holiday, relax and look around. You can still disconnect from your routine and clear your mind from your problems and your duties. Bond with what’s around you! You don’t need to travel for that!

And if your excuse is that you don’t have company, or maybe you always have company, or that you have kids, or maybe you don’t have kids, so there is no fun in doing some activities, or whatever…stop there! Hold your thought, look at it, reflect on its grounds and throw it away – as you can see, it makes no sense at all!

The same way that traveling, partying, playing sports or staying at home can all be done either by yourself, with your family or with friends, the same goes for this type of programs!

When I was in Poland, after one semester of having my nose stuck on my books, and counting the days to come back to Portugal, I wanted to explore the country in the most time efficient and cheap way possible. Whenever I had free time, I would spend a couple of hours planning these budget 2 days-long city trips or even shorter city activities so then to convince my friends to come along. With all the work done, I don’t remember having any invitation refused. It was so much fun! I have the best memories from these short, hard-core city trips.

However, you can always go alone. That’s not my first choice, but the times I did, – I had to push myself – I also experience great moments. I used this alone time to observe, listen, think, meditate, day dream…open the doors of my imagination, get in touch with my senses and refresh my mind. “How long was really the weekend?” – that’s the best feeling ever! – aim for that!

Either leaving the city or not, on Monday I had this feeling of coming back from holidays, completely disconnected from the reality. It’s not about what you do, but rather about how you experience it 😉

“How long was really the weekend?”

What do you think about this? I will love to hear!


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