Visiting Walchensee, Bavaria, Germany

Walchensee, a three-dimensional landscape

I usually talk about being positive and taking a positive outcome of everything. Today’s post shows some of the best pictures I have taken in Bavaria so far, but a result of a failed plan.

On this day, João, I and our cousin, decided to go for a hike near the Walchen Lake. We were late leaving home, it took us a lot of time to get a parking spot, and when we finally left the car, it was too cold for a walk. So at the end, we just walked for around 15 minutes, went for a beer (which made us even colder, I know) and left. So, in reality, our plans to hick along this beautiful path and to appreciate these amazing landscapes were a failure! We actually drove more than one hour to freeze and to drink one beer!

However, on our way to our destination, we decided to stop the car to take some pictures, as the landscape seemed nice. It was the best decision ever, and I am glad we drove all the way there, even if we did not accomplish our final goal. (By the way, I also published some pictures of Ammersee last week – amazing as well).

Walchensee is one of the deepest and largest alpine lakes in Germany. With an area of around 16,5 square kilometres, it is located in the middle of the Bavarian Alps, 75 kilometres south of Munich.

I don’t know if the pictures are able to reveal how unique this place is. The shadows and different layers of deepness actually make you blink your eyes stronger and faster, just to ensure you are seeing a real image, not faked by an optic illusion.

To me, as someone who works with digital image, Photoshop and post-editing, it seems like a collage of different layers from different perspectives, all merged together by the hands of a very talented artist. I can assure you though that there is no manipulation of most pictures published by me and, for sure, none on these ones. The different shades built by the mountains, and their reflection on the clear water, are as real as they can be – purely unspeakable.

Besides reflecting the beautiful mountains, this crystal water gives us another whole sense of texture, showing as clearly as possible, the wide area of a rocky surface.

How worthy was it that we drove all the way to do something we didn’t do? I would say pretty much 😉

And from here I leave you with a big hug from João and me! We both challenge you to open yourself, to explore what you have around your and to be grateful for every new discovery!

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Much sunshine,


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