Visiting Ammersee, Bavaria, Germany

Ammersee, a canvas of beautiful colours…

Last Monday I wrote about travelling “inside”, exploring all the places we have around us and appreciating the opportunities we are given by our circumstances. If you missed it, click this link to check it out, I am sure you will like it 😉

In that segment, and responding to a request from a dear friend to show some landscapes of places I visited, I decided to share with you what I have around me. I will start with this lake called Ammersee. This is a lake located in Bavaria, Southeast Germany, about 35 kilometres west from Munich. It is a destiny for many tourists and popular for water sports.

With around 47 square kilometres, it is considered the largest lake in Germany. It is beautiful to visit and great to take pictures, as you will see 😉 I visited this lake in winter, which is cold, very cold…so I should come back in Summer, not having a clue of what to expect, as each visit showed surprisingly different landscapes.

I am sharing with you the most beautiful pictures*

We arrived just in time to watch the sunset, which was amazing!

It started with these smooth shades of blues and greys, merged together…

And as the sun starts going down, there is this amazing vibrant orange that arises from the sun and merges into the blue sky.

The shapes and strong contrasts from the trees and the people, and anything else placed between the lens and the lake, just became beautifully unreal.

And as if this was not beautiful enough already, the sky keeps changing colour…

…and there’s this pink shade that replaced the yellows and the oranges and the blue sky becomes purple. The whole landscape changed in the timeframe of minutes. If you compare the following picture with the first, which captures the same landscape, what do you see? Two different and amazing perspectives of the same unique place, right? 😉

It was beautiful to see and hard to put into words…

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* Disclaimer: some pictures were taken by my super talented friend, Ruben! <3

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