Visiting Alpsee, Bavaria, Germany

Alpsee, a peaceful landscape…

Last Sunday, João and I woke up planning to stay home, relaxing and enjoying some duty-free weekend. However, when we opened our bedroom window, there was this amazing blue ski calling for us. With such a long and cloudy winter, we could not miss this opportunity to get some sun. So, as a last-minute decision, we joined our friends and drove south MunichIt was cold, so we did not do much, but we still had this amazing lunch, outside, with a plain view to Alpsee.

Alpsee is a lake located in the district of Ostallgäu, in Bavaria, near the Schwansee and close to Hohenschwangau, where you can find the Neuschwanstein and the Hohenschwangau castles. See pictures of both below 😉 The lake has around 5 kilometres of shoreline and is normally inhabited by these beautiful wild swans – although it was still cold for them to show when we visited.

For the spring, we are also planning to visit Schwansee, “the swans lake”, which is mainly known by the beautiful natural park that surrounds it. Full of history, this recreational area is also amazing for hiking. A picturesque scenario framed by the mountains: Kavarienberg and Schwarzenberg. This is a program we have not yet done, but it is for sure on our list for when the weather gets more attractive.

I wish you enjoy the pictures of last weekend visit to Alpsee.

This image, beautifully captured by my friend Miriam, is powerful enough to reveal the peaceful scenario this lake draws: the gradient of water layers, the smooth surface marked by the harmonious movement of the ducks…the winter landscape of browns and whites…

…the exuberance of the cold, white and pointed mountains, behind the warmer, green and round cliffs…all resting on this flat and smooth lake…so beautiful that it gets hard to explain…

In these pictures you can see a different beauty, yet majestic of these two 19th century Castles. Above, the Hohenschwangau, a monumental yellow squared construction above the rocks. Below, the Neuschwanstein, with its contemporaneous romanticism architecture. Both are worth visiting, exploring and admiring…!

I wish you have enjoyed these pictures! We love to share our experiences with you <3 If you want to see more, check out latest posts about Walchensee and Ammersee.

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