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After this series of reflections, I decided to write about how João and I are so grateful for this amazing opportunity to go to Asia, meet a different culture, open our horizons, break some patterns, disconnect from our social references and be able to look at ourselves.

I owe these findings to all the people we have met in Thailand and Cambodia and some in special. By being themselves, warm and loving, they showed us that we can live in a simpler manner and be happy happy!* In different ways, they opened our eyes and, without any intention or expectation from us, they made us look at ourselves and listen to our heart.

Although I grew up listening to this, today I can say I truly believe that if we listen to ourselves and find what does fulfill us – and yet we need to follow that with our thoughts and attitudes – everything we do starts making sense. And for me that is the magic formula we spend our lives seeking. This is how we feel happiness: doing what makes sense to us.

Listen to your heart and everything starts making sense…!

It is not about aspirations or ambition – we can either have those or not – but instead it is about being grateful for what we already have, and we all have so much!

I don’t have the names of all the amazing people we met that gave us some kind of love, wise words or inspiration, but I will mention some.

Our love to Dyla and Nory, these amazing women from Koh Jum, who made us feel as family; Nicha, Mathurin, and their amazing family who opened their house and showed us how nurturing we can be, even with those we do not know; Tanya, this little kid for who we fell in love; Ninew and Tor from Chiang Mai, two young men who show us how we can always enjoy our work; Nui from Ao Nang, who told us the wisest words I have heard in a long time, and so many other…




We also met some amazing people from different places all around the world with whom we had the chance of having long deep – and not so much – conversations about life, experiences, motivations, aspirations and above all, choices! If we would only be aware of how many choices we have, and how free we actually are to change our path, we would all be much happier. Thanks to Julia, Richard, Helena, Thomas, Elliot, Valerie, Barbara and Ítalo.





And, once again, thanks to all our readers and followers, who have joined our community!

With love,

Dani & John

*happy happy is an expression that Thai people say all the time. It actually makes us feel twice as happy as we are! 😀 *

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