Reinvigorate yourself at home

This month I talked about exploring our surroundings and being a tourist in our own city. If you haven’t read those posts yet, check them out 😉  Do you explore what is easily accessible to you?Explore where you live as if it were the last day…You don’t need to travel to be a tourist! All these experiences can reinvigorate yourself and be fulfilling.

However, you don’t need to get out to enjoy a great time, by yourself or with your family!

I love being at home! I am that kind of person who loves traveling and exploring but also loves to enjoy the comfort of home. A weekend at home sometimes feels better than a weekend out doing the most amazing things. Maybe you are like me, or maybe you just can’t afford to travel now. Maybe you are doing lots of things, and you feel like you need to recharge your batteries. Good enough. Let’s go for a pleasant weekend at home then.

Staying at home can also be a fulfilling experience

Once you decide to enjoy a weekend at home, you need to take the time to enjoy your place, yourself and yourself with your partner or your kids. Therefore, you need to create an inviting and chores-free environment before your program starts.

Make a tight schedule during the week, to ensure your home will be cleaned and organized beforehand. Friday night should start with a fresh, inviting and relaxing environment. If anything needs to be done when you get home from work, do it quickly and effectively. Then, close yourself to business…

  • Turn off your phone, television and avoid your computer or other connection to the external world,
  • Lower the lights, use candles, turn on a relaxing music, open a bottle of wine…
  • Have a nice shower or an even nicer bath, read a book, listen to the music, taste your nice wine…

Are you in the mood already? Well, that’s all you need. Once you get the mood and you get the feeling…only treat yourself with care and enjoy your time 😉

Changing the routine is something João and I love doing at home. Sometimes we just decide to camp in the living room. We make this amazing comfortable bed on the living room’s floor right in front of our TV, and we get this amazing feeling of a home cinema. Sometimes we prepare snacks or popcorn and enjoy a bunch of good movies, all in a row, with no guilt!

Next day, we wake up reinvigorated from sleeping in a different environment. Because we have so much light in our living room, we wake up with tons of light, which we love. No alarms. Then we make a nice and special breakfast, which we enjoy in our cool bed, watching animation movies. I don’t know if it brings us back to our childhood or we just enjoy being free, but the feeling is amazing! No alarms, no watches, and no duties…we go with the flow…

Let yourself enjoy as long as you feel comfortable. Boredom might get to you, but don’t get up and start cleaning up! Just choose another program, different from your routine; something you enjoy but always put aside to do. At home we normally do some creative work, handmade project or play video games.

However, if you are a couple and each person wants to do different things; that’s also great! Remember that this time is for you to enjoy yourself as much as your partner is supposed to enjoy him/herself. I love doing puzzles. João loves some tv programs I never want to watch. So, we just enjoy a couple of hours by ourselves and then keep up with our program together. It is important to remember that the environment needs to be relaxing and enjoyable for both, all the time. So, if João and I are in the same room, and the sound of the TV bothers me, and my music bothers him, then one of us, or both, just wear some headphones and both can enjoy their activities. No pressure, no stress…just pleasure 😉

And you know what? If you have a backyard, you can always sleep outside in tents, or create a small holidays friendly environment with some nice pillows, a hammock, some shadows and fresh cocktails. If you have kids, this is a very nice and safe way for the kids to enjoy their freedom while you enjoy yours!

Life is not always easy, but there are always ways to break the routine, and treat yourself well. We just need to give those opportunities a chance 😉

Do you ever enjoy a really nice weekend, staying home? What do you do?

We would love to know!


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