Our continuous search for happiness…are we getting there?

We live anchored to loans for houses, cars, university studies and any other thing we think we need to be happy, but we might not be able to afford. Is it wrong to seek comfort? Is it a mistake to undertake this willing of having more and more? I don’t think so.

I just don’t get along with the idea that we are unhappy while seeking more. Isn’t it happiness what we really want? Isn’t it why we look for more?…because we believe that it will bring us (more) happiness?

Some people do not think about this. Some cannot afford doing it; others do not even consider questioning what they have, which can of course be a personal or cultural behaviour. The fact is that so many people, with so few, live day after day with a sincere smile on their face; a warm smile that comes directly from their heart…

Isn’t it happiness what we really want?

What if we stop? What if we decide to listen to a live music at night on the beach? What if we decide to feel the acoustic of the waves splashing on the rocks, and the natural sound of a campfire? What if we decide to feel the warm breeze on our faces and the touch of the sand on our feet? What if we decide to watch the sky full of stars with a beautiful moon shining on the horizon?

If it’s happiness what we look for, why not find it in the small things that fill our heart with inspiration and, effortless, give us the motivation to be happy? Not later, but now…not tomorrow or next year or when we accomplish something, but now that we have all we already have…

Our future will only be better than our present, if we understand that happiness is already here!

Shouldn’t we reflect on the fact that we don’t feel happiness from the small accomplishments? Why don’t we seem to understand that “more” will not bring us happiness? Why don’t we seem to understand that happiness must be already felt through gratefulness for what we have, so that new things will indeed bring us more happiness and more gratefulness in an endless process?

I am sharing these thoughts because I believe that, if we do not break off this chain, we will keep in this vicious cycle, where the environment deteriorates and condemns us to an ever ending unfortunate future; one future that we will always think to be better than our present, and never is.

Because I am sure you will reflect on how much you already have, I will love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

With much love,


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