Explore where you live as if it were the last day…

I published a text about how I believe we should be enjoying the opportunities we have, so to open space and to gain merit for new ones to appear. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out 😉 I also posted some breath taking pictures of places I visited near me such as Ammersee and WalchenseeAnd while preparing these publications, I noticed that I am not following my advice and I should explore much more! That’s why I decided to write today’s post.

I know many people who have lived mostly in the same place. That’s not my case at all! I left my hometown when I was 16 years old and then I still lived in around 4 different places within the Portuguese borders. However, it was not until I left Portugal for the first time that I found the magic of exploring around. When I came back from Poland, I decided I would explore my beautiful country as much as I had done there. How come that I would know better a foreigner country, where I spent only 8 months, than my own country, where I had been living for 20 years? How come people visiting Portugal know more about some places than I do? How come? I was determined! – at the end, I did not manage to do what I wanted as the traveling costs in Portugal were not remotely similar to those in Poland, and as a student there were not many other choices.

Circumstances will never be perfect altogether

However, today I have the financial means to do it but the time constrains are bigger than before. Hence, still today I have this immense desire to explore every single corner, restaurant, beach and road in Portugal. I want to hike, surf, drive, ride a car…I just want to do everything I see as possible and attractive to do there.

Between 2009 and today, I already lived in 7 different apartments, 4 cities and 3 countries. Every time I move to a new place I feel the need to explore, because it will most probably be a temporary stay. However, when we moved to Munich, 2 years ago, we thought this would be our final destination. So, at the beginning we explored quite a lot, as everything was new and exciting. Once routine was established, this was already our home, and we lost the urgency of discovery. Although not true, I have this feeling that last year I spent most time at home, as I stopped exploring as a tourist.

Live what you have, so you can conquer what you desire!

So, I decided to write this post because I noticed how much energy and lifetime I was spending, as well as how much good moments I was missing, just dreaming about the day I can go to Portugal and do everything I want to do, while I have an amazing surrounding to explore that I am totally ignoring.

“If only I would have an opportunity to leave home…”; “if only I could travel”; “if only…”. Really? That’s how we actually spend our energy? And what if only we opened our eyes?

Do you? Do you really open your eyes? I thought I did, until I reflected upon that and I noticed I am not but blinded by the idea that I would be a better tourist somewhere else. And once more I challenge you to reflect on how well you explore what’s near you!

With much love,


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