Do you explore what is easily accessible to you?

I have written a post about how traveling can be transformative to me (check it out). However, I also mentioned that we don’t always need to go far, or to exotic places, to have this type of fulfilling experiences. Sometimes we only need to see what is around us; what is accessible to us.

Because the places where I lived had great geographic location – Poland, Belgium and Germany – and because I missed so many things such as having sun or enjoying time with family and friends, I have been open to traveling quite a lot – yes! You have to open yourself to do it. Sometimes I share on my personal social media pictures of these adventures and I normally get a bunch of comments that frustrate me.

Either because these people would like to do what I did, or because they are excited for me, it still frustrates me to see how misleading people are about each one’s lives. In many cases, not all, but many, I would rather be spending time with my family, but for some reason it was not possible.

Explore your own opportunities instead of dreaming of things you still don’t have!

Sometimes, if I travelled from Belgium to Greece, it was because it ended up being cheaper than going to Portugal, and I needed a shot of Vitamin D, in the 3 or 4 days I could free myself from work. In general, what I really want to show you guys, is that for me traveling from Belgium to France, Netherlands, Germany or Luxembourg was not fancy, but rather a usual thing to do. I would actually travel to Luxembourg to spend a day of work (and I would never be able to visit), or to Netherlands to shop clothes as prices were more accessible and shopping malls were better than in Brussels. If you live near Lisbon, or in Lisbon, you might take 2 hours driving to the beach in a summer weekend. For us, 2 hours would get us in any of these countries and we still had no access to the beach. On the other hand, should we want to go to the beach, we had always to take a flight…

The point is not telling you that I am not lucky, as people say – I am so much fortunate for having had these opportunities – but you can be as lucky as I am if you open your eyes to what you have around you! There is always, always, so much you can explore in your surroundings…

Be open to exploring your whereabout…

Think that what makes great experiences is mostly not the place you go, but the attitude you have towards exploring, the people you might be with, the interactions you have with the locals or the reaction you have to unexpected situations.

Altogether I have lived 7 years abroad, in 3 different countries and the thing I have been missing the most (a part from the people I love) is exploring my own country. In many cases, when I visit nice places, I wish I would rather be in Portugal, on the beach, having a sandwich and reading a book. But I cannot always have that, which makes me open myself to exploring what I actually have…so I challenge you to do the same…

Do you feel challenged? Let me know how much you have explored the places near you and how much you want to do it…I would love to hear your own experiences! Maybe you even live next to me, and you teach me about new places 😉

I will be looking forward to reading your answers!


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