Do you listen to your own words?

You might have noticed – or not ­čśë – that I did not post last week. Indeed, I have missed to accomplished my ultimate goal of being consistent in providing good quality content every Monday and Thursday. It took me a while to actually convince myself to let it go…

I was sick for almost a week, which is far from normal for me. I had a problem in my stomach and therefore eating was quite hard, which led to lack of energy, frustration and bad humor as I was hungry all the time! Well, I am great now and eating as much as I want, which makes me very happy!

The point is that after continuously torturing myself for failing on my commitment, I had to remind myself to be kind…kind to my body and to my mind, so one could help another to heal well. The interesting fact is that I switched my thinking behavior when I saw the last post I had published (Are you a good person?), where I mention that we also need to be loving to ourselves, so we can actually help others.

Do you listen to your own words?

At that moment, I felt fake, not worthy to my readers, because I had just shared an advice with you that I was not following. But then, once again, I was being too cruel to myself. We, as humans, have moments. We have good and bad moments, good and bad feelings, positive and negative thoughts. What I came here to say is that, above all, it is crucial that we have enough emotional intelligence to analyze and reflect upon theses different moments and feelings. ┬áMaybe, just maybe, if I would have not read my post, still today I would be tormenting myself…so, my own words made me reflect on my attitude – one I theoretically knew to be wrong, but was rather taking over my intelligence.

In fact, when I decided to create this blog, it was mainly because I felt the need to express myself as purely as I could, so I would be able to help others – to get information, to think, to improve, to feel less alone… – and to whatever else I could bring as positive to the world. So, when I decided to share my experiences, learning and even frustrations, I decided I would only write when I feel good – emotionally good. If I don’t feel as positive as I want to inspire you to be, I don’t want to transfer to words the energy and intensity of my frustration.

What do you want to add to the world?

What I came to the conclusion with this “huge failure of mine” was that I prefer to be patient to my own creativity and write good quality content, when I am able to do so, than writing stuff just for the sake of filling empty spaces. So, I replaced my former goal of consistency by my actual ultimate goal of triggering change through my words. I am still perfectionism, I still have high standards for the quality of my work, and I am still not much flexible with my own rules, but I needed to reflect on my priorities and be kind to myself.

In fact, the main reason I wanted to write this post was mostly to share the following conclusions:

  • Everyone has flaws and weak moments. The fact that you don’t seem them when looking at positive minded people is not because they are not there; it’s because these people choose to share positivity and deal with negativity the best they can – instead of complaining;
  • By helping others, you can end up helping yourself – which is what happened to me in several occasions with this blog. Often I end up changing my own behavior (when I am feeling more frustrated or down) when I remember what I have written to you. So my own words, coming from the moments I feel most energized, help my own self when feeling more down;
  • Commitment is important, so it is quality, professionalism and structure. However, as humans, we shall have enough sensibility and emotional intelligence to understand that sometimes there are more important things. Being demanding to yourself is good and fosters self-improvement, but we need to understand when we are actually being cruel to our bodies and minds;
  • Sometimes our goals are only in our minds. Committing to them is important, but not achieving them will not be as relevant as we tend to think.

And today I live you with these thoughts!

Much love,


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