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  • Staycation! Act as a tourist in your city – it’s fun!

    After the last inspirational posts around the potential of exploring your own region (check: You don’t need to travel to be a tourist!, Explore where you live as if it were the last day…, or Do you explore what is easily accessible to you?), I decided to bring you some practical ideas on how to be a […]

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  • Visiting Alpsee, Bavaria, Germany

    Alpsee, a peaceful landscape… Last Sunday, João and I woke up planning to stay home, relaxing and enjoying some duty-free weekend. However, when we opened our bedroom window, there was this amazing blue ski calling for us. With such a long and cloudy winter, we could not miss this opportunity to get some sun. So, as a […]

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  • You don’t need to travel to be a tourist!

    I have been writing about taking advantage of our opportunities, living up to what is available to us, exploring our surroundings, complaining less and living more…and often I get some feedback such as “yes, I know, but my life…”; “I am sure it would be great, but I have kids, [or] I have no money, […]

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  • Visiting Walchensee, Bavaria, Germany

    Walchensee, a three-dimensional landscape I usually talk about being positive and taking a positive outcome of everything. Today’s post shows some of the best pictures I have taken in Bavaria so far, but a result of a failed plan. On this day, João, I and our cousin, decided to go for a hike near the Walchen Lake. […]

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  • Explore where you live as if it were the last day…

    I published a text about how I believe we should be enjoying the opportunities we have, so to open space and to gain merit for new ones to appear. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out 😉 I also posted some breath taking pictures of places I visited near me such as Ammersee and Walchensee. And while […]

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