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  • Experiences are unique

    There are some experiences that cannot be explained with words. Therefore, I wish for us that we rather insist on making our own memories than relying on other people’s points of view. In today’s post, I will share the beginning of how I was trying to write down a very special experience, but I couldn’t. And that’s how […]

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  • Down To Earth: the world as I see it

    Before going on, I would like to explain that this blog is part of what Arunny will be, and Arunny is a life project. Therefore, you will have me as the main writer and communicator here, but you will also see that often I mention we instead of I because, as my husband and my business partner, João is always alongside these […]

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  • Welcome to Down To Earth and to our community

    For most people, new years often start with new resolutions. For me, it has for a while started with new concretizations. The year of 2017 is very special to me, as it starts with the first steps for the launch of my own company. Arunny is a project I have been working on for a [...] Continue Reading