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  • Thank you!

    Thank you for letting us share our thoughts with you! After this series of reflections, I decided to write about how João and I are so grateful for this amazing opportunity to go to Asia, meet a different culture, open our horizons, break some patterns, disconnect from our social references and be able to look at ourselves. I owe these findings to all the […]

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  • Are we becoming more “social” than humane?

    João and I were sitting on these stone block benches in front of the river in Krabi Town, waiting for the bus to Bangkok. It was probably the hottest day we had had so far, so we set on different benches reading under the shadows of these beautiful trees. While I was absorbed by my book The […]

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  • How lucky are we…?

    If we are reading this article, aren’t we all lucky? In the last years, especially since the economical crisis in Portugal became harder, I have been listening to people complaining about how Portugal is poor and how Portuguese people are wronged. I believe the same happens in other countries, but for the sake of this […]

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  • Our continuous search for happiness…are we getting there?

    We live anchored to loans for houses, cars, university studies and any other thing we think we need to be happy, but we might not be able to afford. Is it wrong to seek comfort? Is it a mistake to undertake this willing of having more and more? I don’t think so. I just don’t get […]

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  • Are you afraid of novelty and change? Me too…!

    Everybody fears deep changes in their lives. I believe that fear is in each of us. However, some people allow it to take control, while others manage to face it and jump higher into challenging situations. I am not different. I am afraid. In fact, I consider myself to be fearful, or full of fear, depending […]

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