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  • Reinvigorate yourself at home

    This month I talked about exploring our surroundings and being a tourist in our own city. If you haven’t read those posts yet, check them out 😉  Do you explore what is easily accessible to you?, Explore where you live as if it were the last day…, You don’t need to travel to be a tourist! All these […]

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  • Do you listen to your own words?

    You might have noticed – or not 😉 – that I did not post last week. Indeed, I have missed to accomplished my ultimate goal of being consistent in providing good quality content every Monday and Thursday. It took me a while to actually convince myself to let it go… I was sick for almost […]

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  • Are you a good person?

    If you opened this post, it’s probably because you want to improve yourself in any aspect. You might not recognize that, but by being here, by being open to read and reflect on this topic, it already makes you a good person. There will always be something we have done in our lives that makes […]

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  • Be mindful…and take charge of your life!

    In my first post (haven’t you read it yet?) I mention mindfulness as a way to replace negative and frustrating emotions, thoughts or behaviors, by other positive approaches. But, what is mindfulness? Simply put, mindfulness is our ability, as human beings, to be fully aware of the environment around us. Facts are facts and totally […]

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  • What gratitude means to me

    Why gratitude? Most of us feel that we could have more out of our lives, that we could feel happier, more fulfilled, more productive… In a previous post, where I wrote about our search for happiness (don’t miss it), I explained how I think that we don’t appreciate enough what we have, which leads us […]

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